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Do you need relevant, informative content that helps readers make decisions to improve their lives? Let's do it. I'm Sarah and I create and manage online content to help small businesses like yours build more trust and educate their target audiences.

I craft articles, blog posts, books, summaries, website copy, white papers and other types of content with passion and precision. In addition, I shape and polish content written by others.

I manage different types of projects that involve words and technology, whether it's a new book, a website redesign or the next thing you'd like made reality. I work easily with designers, programmers and other writers. I can plug into your existing team or hire and manage a new one.

Honestly, my job is to make your job easier.

I'm a California girl, but I currently live in Argentina. I love tea, books about history and working with small businesses from the US and around the world.

Let's talk.

– S.E.R.

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The things I do that make your job easier


Would you like to build more trust with your audience? Then let's get started. I can help by creating relevant, informative content tailored to your target market, including articles, blog posts, books, summaries, website copy and white papers. However, if you're not yet sure what kind of content you need, don't worry. I can work with you to develop a solid content strategy.


Errors be gone! I bring out the best in the words of others. Depending on what your content or writers need, I can polish, edit, proofread, review, provide helpful feedback and/or check for quality. (The goal is to make your life easier, so I'm happy to mark up your Word or Google Doc files with changes, make changes directly in your content management system or HTML, or use whatever process you prefer.)


Do you want to see your ideas take flight but would rather not weigh yourself down with all the details? Focus on the things you do best and let me help instead! I manage different types of projects involving words and technology. Step by step I can guide your ideas from the drawing board to the marketplace.


Do you require something else? Excellent. I love a good challenge. I am happy to help with research, testing, feedback, SEO, website consulting, website updating and ___________________. Let me know what you need and I'll put together a plan.



What can I do for YOU? Please let me know at sarah@innoword.com.

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